Trina Vaughn

Trina Vaughn was born and raised in an upper middle-class family in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was an army veteran and a Lieutenant Commander for the Chicago Police Department and her mother was a human resources manager.


Trina has always wanted to help people in some way. From a very early age, she knew that service would be a part of her future. Whether she was lending clothes to friends in need or buying a homeless person a hot meal, Trina found fulfillment in showing compassion and empathy for others.


After high school, Trina attended Tuskegee University and received an undergraduate degree in social work. Upon graduation, she was recruited to work at Men’s Warehouse, a formal wear company and became a District Manager. She eventually moved to Dayton’s, a Midwest-based department store chain that eventually became the Target Corporation. After working in Atlanta, Georgia for nearly a decade, she decided to transfer her employment with Target and join her father in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998.


Trina was involved in a near-fatal car accident 6 months after moving to Las Vegas. The accident left her with a host of very serious ailments including chronic pain, lupes, and fibromyalgia and sent her into a severe depression for four years. Determined to beat her depression, Trina started venturing out and eventually met her now ex-husband, a retired military man.


The birth of her son at the age of 35 and her daughter at 40 completely changed her perspective on life for the better. She decided to tap into her creative side and began to write poetry and quotes. After meeting the broadcasting legend Bruce Garrett in 2016, she got into internet television by joining the Hall of Fame Show at the World Center of Broadcast Media. Garrett named her, The Vegas Diva because he admired her style and elegance and her brand was born.


The Vegas Diva brand allows Trina to lead by example. In addition to publishing two critically acclaimed poetry books, she has also developed a line of merchandise, a motivational speaking business and is pursuing brand ambassador opportunities. She is always looking for endeavors that will inspire her children and the world.


Always a giver and seeking vehicles to help her community, Trina created Lipstick and Lashes, Inc, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking and homelessness.


Three of Trina’s mottos are, “Keep Trucking, Be Strong and Keep Living.”




Thanks to these two great Gentle 
May 2017, I called authorhouse book, and spoke with Scott Hensley, a book consul diva chronicles poetry for your soul,
May 24, 2017 my 1st book hit the market, Dec 2018 I was a featured book of the month. And was already picked up overseas, had been sold in Walmart and target. Com
Was an ebook, kindle,  written different languages and I could be found in every digital magazine in the US as well as over seas!
I was featured on Torrid stores website as well as my book and was now official a public figure
January 1. 2017, I created my non profit lipstick and lashes inc, which is dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking,  and homelessness in Nevada
I launched my own social media social in 2016, named  " chatting it up with the Vegas diva,
Won outstanding t.v. host  for the hall of fame show in 2016
I was spot light member for the Urban chamber of Commerce in dec 2018
Regular guest on Vegas live with Ninon 2017, 2018 and scheduled for 2019
For empowering women
Radio interview with Guy Dawson. Who is the Vegas diva Feb 2019
Diva chronicles 2 headed to the LA times festival of books huge 2019
Launching swag ecommerce site
Logo trademarking in progress for books
Building new logo
The Hall of fame show 2019
Guest speaker/ urban chamber of Commerce may 2019
Radio interview 22.3 March 2019
Podcast interview March 26 2019 Skype 
I leave my fans with this message and as I close the t.v show


"Allow the lord to be your beacon of hope in your darkest hour"
-The Vegas Diva

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